Sunday, 1 April 2018

Boiling peanuts..................from Rico

This is hilarious!
- You simply cannot make shit like this up!
The biggest "jerk off" America ever had as President (until Barry what's his name claimed the title) indirectly calls Trump a jerk.
- Peanut boy actually said "America apparently wants a jerk for President."
- America does NOT want a "jerk off" for President Jimmuh, that's why YOU weren't re-elected to a second term, you putz.


Mark Matis said...

Ah, but the Chicago Tribune insists that former presidents aren't saying anything bad about President Trump:

And the Media would never lie...

Allen said...

of course he's a jerk. sometime you need a jerk. you don't hire a bouncer that's a "nice guy" you hire one that will bust heads when the time comes. Trump is our bouncer. he's here to clear the bar of all the people who snuck in the back (illegals) ones that don't pay their tab (congress), and the shitfaced ones throwing bottles at the band (deep state)