Thursday, 5 April 2018

Inflation Tamed in Socialist Venezuela.................from Rico

THAT will solve the pesky inflation problem!
- Venezuela's Socialist dictator Maduro has just 'solved' his nation's raging inflation problem...just delete three zeroes!
Proving, once again, that Socialism works!
Obviously Zimbabwe's Communist dictator Mugabe had it all wrong when he kept adding zeroes to the currency to lick inflation.
- His 100 Trillion note should have removed zeroes!
Venezuela's 'Bolivar' will be de jure demonetized [read: cease being a currency], having already become de facto worthless, and will be replaced by a 'Sovereign Bolivar' with three less zeroes.
- An 'old' 1,000 Bolivar will thus become a 'new' 1 (one) Bolivar.
Voila! Problemo solved!
- Dictator Nicky displays both his 'grasp' of economics AND a nice Rolex watch on his wrist in the attached pic, and demonstartes that while Venezuelans have all lost weight on his Revolutionary Socialist Diet* he hasn't been missing any meals.
*RSD [Revolutionary Socialist Diet]
Lose Weight!
- Stop eating [because: no food]
- Eat rats, cats, you pets, zoo animals [because: no food]

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