Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Just WHO is Kimba Wood?..................from Rico

For starters, Kimba Wood is THE Federal Judge in charge of the Micheal Cohen case.
- You know the one, where after a year+ no Russian 'collusion' by anyom\ne other than Hillary and the DNC has been found by Mueller, so attorney-client privilege has to be reamed as a distraction.
Our Kimba:
- Was Bill Clinton's pick for AG in 1993.
- She trained as a Playboy Bunny.
- She had an extramaital affair that earned her the sobriquet the "Love Judge."
- She officiated George Soros's latest (third) wedding.
- She doesn't believe in attorney-client privilege.
You simply cannot make shit like this up!
- And this is just a small sample of the 'deep state' crapola and BS directed against not only Trump, but everyone who voted for Trump [read: America, and not the residents of Dumbfuckistan who voted for Hillary].

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Mark Matis said...

And please do note that the House has no problem with this.