Friday, 27 April 2018

Presenting a HOPE you can believe in.................from Rico

It's not as if before 1979, or ever since, he never said how he truly 'felt' about freedom or humanity.
- He openly did so many-many times, but the presstitutes and journo-cuckolds did a great job of suppressing it.
Never forget that the fraud Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama and the murderer/criminal Hillary Clinton aka Felonia von Pantsuit are both creatures that the most foul human being alive today $upported, endorsed, and promoted.
- Yes, I refer to the evil Socialist George Soros.
His existence alone is enough to make one believe in Hell and eternal damnation.
- Here's 'hoping' the evil bastard claims his reserved spot on the Lake of Fire soon.


edutcher said...

I guess Dr Evil thinks it was the US responsible for bringing down his beloved Fuhrer.

Of course, if he tried to do this to the Russians, who many historians say was most responsible (I tend to disagree), they'd just kill him.

captcraig said...

I cannot find any evidence that Soros said that. Do you have a source?