Thursday, 12 April 2018

SYRIA - Dying for Dollars......................from Rico

What were Barry & Hillary 'up' to with their relentless push to get rid of Assad in Syria?
- Apart from the stock answer 'as usual, they were up to no good' consider that Benghazi was their conduit for supplying military-grade arms to anti-Assad rebels in Syria [think: the sudden 'coincidental' appearance of a well-funded and equipped ISIS in Syria].
Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know that they LIED about Benghazi (while neglecting to mention the Syria angle) and the complicit MSM presstitutes happily provided them cover-for-action with FAKE NEWS, blithely dismissing that four Americans DIED (one the US Ambassador to Libya).
WHY is Syria still a "problem" and why are the US war drums still beating for Assad's Syria to be Qaddafied?
- We are once again on the brink of war in Syria after yet another probable 'false flag' alleged chemical attack.
WHY? Because, fundamentally, ALL WARS are about money...and you need to ask who benefit$?
 - Look at the attached map of two competing pipeline projects, both running through SYRIA. One Russian-sponsored, the other US-sponsored.
It is worth asking (a) WHO benefits from provoking a WAR in SYRIA? and (b) who IS being the provacateur?, plus considering (c) how many more than the Benghazi Four are going to die for pipeline dollars?

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