Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Taxes - Blue State vs Red State & Hillary................from Rico

I have always agreed with several basic concepts:
- Taxation is theft.
- Ron Paul's interpretation of the Flat Tax [read: zero]
Taking a look at this 'map' of what Americans pay in Taxes by State, it's interesting to note that:
- Trump won NONE of the 15 highest-taxed states, which are Blue and heavily Democrat.
- Hillary won ONE of the 15 lowest-taxed states, which are Red like the other 20 states in between the top 15 and bottom 15 [27 if you count like Obama and think there are 57 states].
In related news: Calfornia's Gov Jerry "moonbeam" Brown (Democrat), signed into law 28 APR 2017 a $52 billion tax increase on gasoline and vehicle-related fees. Californian's already pay the highest gas taxes in the US, and this mwans that by 2021 they will be paying over $2/gallon in gas tax.
- Now about that 2018 mid-term election "Blue Wave" Democrats (C) are creaming their jeans over....the only 'blue wave' they're likely to be seeing is the Tidy Bowl as legal voters flush Democrats down the crapper. Oh, wait! Is THAT why California has already issued Driver Licenses to over a million illegal aliens so they can vote?

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