Thursday, 5 April 2018

That doesn't "fit" the anti-2A narrative...................from Rico

They have lots of really great ideas there, yuge taxes, and almost as many gun restrictions and controls too.
- And they just love their illegal aliens for adding culturally-enriching diversity ...which is somehow 'good' but they never get around to explaining the actual benefits.
Now try to imagine the Leftard MSM covering the latest 'shooter' there at YouTube HQ.
- So far I'm hearing "white woman in a scarf with a gun" sometimes "Persian" and often "the NRA is to blame."
What I am NOT hearing, and you probably are not either, is this non-narrative-compliant reality:
- Militant Vegan and PETA 'activist' [read: Leftist]
- Iranian [read: Shiite Muslim]
- Handgun [read: NOT a salt rifle]
             or, short-version:
Yet another intolerant, violent, Leftist whack-job.
In another unreported 'news' category we have this: Texas has just banned Sharia Law.

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