Wednesday, 4 April 2018

There is an agenda and purpose to all of this..................from Rico

The "refugee caravan" crossing Mexico is fake, and there is a lot more to it than either meets the eye, or you are being told.
- It is not spontaneous or grass roots, but well-organized, funded, and supported.
And there is a purpose to it.
- It is in support of a specific agenda.
This is just one more attempt by the LEFT to chip-chip-chip away at borders, law & order, and public safety using "illegal aliens" as tools to destroy civilization...
starting with the destruction of borders and nations.
You will NOT be told the following [attached] by the complicit Leftist propagandists of the MSM. Read it and decide for yourselves what the game being played is.
- Make no mistake, this 'game' is being played for keeps

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Drew458 said...

That Migrante credo was pretty good up until the last two lines. Sorry Pablo, you have no rights as a refugee and you have no right to work here and you are NOT a citizen of OUR country. Go home and have another one of those banana republic revolutions you guys are so famous for. But this time, try putting in democracy and free market capitalism, instead of just another jeffe. Here's a tip: if you lay waste to your corrupt government and federales, and kill the drug cartel guys by the tens of thousands, no one in the entire world will care or even notice. So get to work. And it's going to be real work; once you purge all the criminales and do the typical latino peasant land reform thing, then you ALL have to get to work making things for the rest of the world to buy. If the only thing your people produce is El Narcatico, then you've only replaced one criminal element with another. This is your problem to solve, not ours.