Monday, 23 April 2018

Venezuela - Who holds no Gold is a fool, or a Socialist [redundancy alert]...................from Rico

It's long been said that 'he who holds the gold, makes the rules' so, how long does the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela have in terms of ruling?
Venezuela had $21.6 billion in Gold Reserves 7 years ago (Sep 2011).
- By Nov 2011 their Gold Reserves were down to $7.7 billion.
- At end Jan 2018 they only had $6.1 billion remaining. [Read: For FED economists that's a burn rate of $1.6 billion in three months.]
At their current rate of selling Gold, Venezuela will be completely 'out' of Gold by next May.
- Gee, does that mean all those 'free things' Socialism gave to the people of Venezuela weren't really free? Not even the lunches they now do not have? [Read: For Bernie supporters - There is no such thing as a free lunch, or a 'free' anything else.]

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Mark Matis said...

Of course, the REAL question is how much gold does the US actually have? But then surely we can take the word of Our Betters without doing an actual count...