Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Please STFU Hillary.......................from Rico

Hillary has just told NZ how 'unfair' the 2016 election was to her, and how she had considered moving to NZ.
- Hey, NZ, take Hillary. Please.
She has also been sucking-up to Michael Obama, a fellow 'loser'...both of who share a chocolate starfish, at least.
Seriously people.
- Who could forget HMF 'running' for President by beng carried up the steps?
- Or her falling don the steps in Indja after badmouthing the US for her being a 'loser'?
Now, just last weekend in NYC she was spotted wearing what some called a back brace.
- Others consider it a 'support' for the industrial-strength depends she needs to wear because she is SO full of shit.
But you decide. Yeah, she was the quintessential Democratic (C) Presidential candidate all right.
- Still is.
Will she 'run' again?
- It depends on whether her 'depends' leaks or not, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

And we don't want this woman here.