Sunday, 6 May 2018

The inmates are still trying to run the asylum.....................from Rico

Remember the 'accusations' that led Admiral Ronnie Jackson (who had been Presidential physician to three Presidents) to withdraw himself from consideration to run the VA?
- In the context of the current anti-Trump hysteria gripping the Left's pearls, attacking Trump's Dr makes complete sense to the senseless.
It turns out, weeks later, that ALL of claims were lies, and one of the main liars & accusers was another White House physician Dr. Pena.
- She was an Obama appointee.
- She had a 'personal' problem with, and grudge against, Jackson.
- She has just abruptly resigned as VP Pence's physician.
- She has been exposed as a complete liar, having fabricated all of the charges that drove Jackson out of consideration for the VA position.
What is it about ALL Obama-appointee's, Democrats (C), and "progressives" that makes them all lower than snake bellies?
The VA badly needs someone to straighten-out their grabastic, dysfunctional, bureaucratic swamp.
- Jackson (the guy has jump wings...something the MSM usually crops out of his photos) would have been a good prospect to unfuck the fubared VA.
In a 'fuck you' gesture right back at the Lefturds [read: Democrats (C)] who assassinate their opponents in the court of public opinion with unsubstantiated lies, allegations, and innuendo (with the willing and eager assistance of the MSM) I'd suggest that Trump re-nominate Adm Jackson to head the VA.
- Right back at 'ya, America-hating Commie pond scum!

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Mark Matis said...

Wait until they are on break, then put him in as a recess appointment.

The problem with that plan is that Post Turtle would make sure they never really "broke". The putrid sewage in the GOP is every bit as foul as the Democrats.