Saturday, 5 May 2018

Wild-wild Gun-controlled Chicago..................from Rico

An ATF officer was shot in the face, on the heels of 3-days that saw ~40 people shot in heavily Gun-controlled...and Democrat-controlled...Chicago.
More proof that Liberal-progressive Democrat fantasies [read: lies] about gun-control and gun-free zones making everyone safer are about as real, and substantial, as unicorn farts.
- This is what you get when politicians shoot off their mouths.
Democrats actually make gun violence WORSE than in the days if the wild-wild West. Take a good look at the U.S. homicide rates in the 1800's...and since then.
- Now tell me how an armed society is not a more polite society, and a safer one, when shooting off your mouth had consequences.


Mark Matis said...

With the performance by the BATFE over MANY years now, what seems to be the problem with one of theirs getting shot? Other than, of course, it wasn't MORE of them?

Anonymous said...

Progressive gun control is strictly about disarming the citizens. Because as long as we are armed it's very difficult to use force to enact the liberal ideal of extremely wealthy politicians and crushingly poor citizens. The liberal's goal is from each according to their means to politicians according to their wants, notions and fancies of the moment. A land where politicians aren't called on the carpet for theft, murder or rape. The goal is absolute power.

capt fast said...

here in colorado, a republician state senator has introduced a bill that leads to confiscation of a persons firearms-all of them-merely on the unsupported word of that persons relatives, roommates, or even mere passing acquaintances, without proof of wrongdoing. without first being accused of any criminal act, without any legal recourse. without any opportunity to defend one self in a court of law. without recourse. it does not set forth any mechanism to return to the accused his private property after the property was taken.

the law as written violates the second, fifth, and maybe the fourteenth amendments to the US Constitution. it does not even appear to have been proof read by any real lawyers.

we recalled two state legislators for passing a magazine limit/ban a few year ago. can you imagine what is going to happen to these clowns this time?

capt fast said...

60 years in Chicago with gun control. in excess of thirty nine thousand dead murder victims.

almost better than Rio.