Monday, 25 June 2018

Guns a problem? No problem.....................from Rico

Guns in the hands of American citizens are not a problem...unless you're a wannabe dictator. [read: Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist control-freak].
- Then you're the problem.
Neither are guns THE problem at all...unless you're a pink pussy hat-wearing snowflake cowering in your safe space. [read: Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist pansy.]
- Then you're the problem.
Instead of getting rid of guns, consideration needs to be given to getting rid of all you Commies to solve 'the problem.'
- Go find a nice, functioning, hospitable and supportive Socialist-Communist place to live why don'tcha'?

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Mark Matis said...

Well actually, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all supported the right of the people to bear arms. As long as they were the right people. And since all their opponents were subhuman, well...