Friday, 22 June 2018

Marxicrats....................from Rico

Like the fatal societal virus that it has always been, Marxism mutates.
- Today the version is "Cultural Marxism" and it can be just as fatal to culture and society as it was in its original form.
Cultural Marxism is a mutation of traditional Marxism that promotes political correctness, multiculturalism-diversity, and says it is anti-racist...and like its big brother, lies through its ass.
- It is the polar opposite of what it claims to be.
Unlike traditional Marxism that focused on economics, Cultural Marxism focuses on culture and maintains that all human behavior is a result of culture (not heredity-genetics-race) and changeable.
- Cultural Marxists absurdly deny the biological reality of gender and genetics-race, maintaining that they are 'social constructs.'
Then, moronically, Cultural Marxists support race-based identity politics of non-whites, race-based affirmative action, elevate non-Western religions above Western religions, adhere to censorship of speech, espouse multi-culturalism, promote diversity training, follow an anti-Western educational curricula, normalize maladoptive sexual behavior, espouse anti-male feminism, support dispossession and displacement of white people by enabling mass third world immigration to replace the populations of Western nations.
Karl Marx was a failure and a loser then, his followers have all been...and still are...losers and failures.
The only...let me say again ONLY...Marx that ever made one bit of sense or had two wits to rub together was Groucho Marx.
- And Groucho was funny, not fatal.

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