Sunday, 22 July 2018

Bbbbbbbut - It'll work THIS time.......................from Rico

Insanity: [def] Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Another word for Socialism-Communism.
As the Democrat Party (C) lurches even further to the Left, it is well worth remembering Nikita Kruschev's words about small doses of "socialism" resulting in communism.
- We are watching this happen right before our eyes. Socialism is Communism in slow-motion, but never forget the goal of Socialism IS Communism.
Bernie Sanders the Socialist made a serious run for the Democrat's (C) nomination as their Presidential candidate, only to be hip-checked by Comrade Hillary's machine aka the DNC. Had Crooked Hillary & friends NOT knee-capped him, he probably would have been their presidential Candidate.
- Bernie and his "bro's" are still very much alive and kicking, and he...and many Democrats (C), are openly embracing what they call Democratic Socialism* and their platform: Medicare for all, $15 minimum wage, free college, abolish ICE. 
And, Socialist Bernie's 'protege' radical Socialist Democrat  almost-from-the-Bronx Alexandria Okarina-Hyphenate is being hailed by many Democrats (C) as a rising star [a RED star, to be sure] and is living proof that you can actually come out of college dumber than you went in.
PS - In Chicago, America's nexus of Communism, they are seriously talking about UBI...Universal Basic Income.
*Who are the Democratic Socialists of America? With roughly 45,000 dues-paying members nationwide (and many more lurkers and sympathizers), they  call one another "comrade" at their meetings and:
- Reject an economic order based on private profit.
- Want control of resources and production.
- Believe in economic planning.
In a word
They are INSANE. Barking mad.

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