Monday, 9 July 2018

Democrat = Liar...........................from Rico

More proof that virtually ALL Democrats seeking or holding elected office are LIARS.
The latest darling of the LEFT claimed to be a working girl (she was a bartender) from the Bronx actually moved to Westchester (one of the wealthiest counties in the US) at age two. 2.
- Her dad was not only an Architect, but owned his own architectural firm.
What a fake she is!
- Better watch your ass Faucahontas...
You expected something else from a self-identified Socialist [read: Communist] running for office as a Democrat?
- If so, go for a 40-minute bus ride with her!


Mark Matis said...

To that you could just as accurately add:

Rove Republican = Liar

Anonymous said...

she indeed has a deep understanding of income inequality. She knows exactly how it is to be rich and stamp down on everyone else, and intends to do a lot more stamping down when elected.