Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Gee, this is really FUN!!!....................from Rico

It has really been FUN watching the Leftards eat themselves while still claiming there's a "Blue Wave" coming in the 2018 mid-term elections.
One faction of the Communist Party (D) remains devout Bernie Bro's, like Sarandon pictured here with A.C.E. the latest Leftie heart-throb.
- The Hillary wing of the Communist Party (D) still hasn't forgiven Susan for NOT voting for Hillary, while the Bernie wing still hasn't forgiven the Hillary wing for screwing Bernie. There sure are a lot of hard-on's for so many women involved.
And rumours [read: testing the waters] of Hillary 2020 just appeared out-of-nowhere [yeah, right].
- One can only HOPE [see what I did there] that they are (a) true, and (b) we will see the Democrats (C) imitate the story of the Bronze Rat with a Bronze Hillary.*
Oh, yeah...and about that "Blue Wave"...get ready for some of this special "Red Sauce" the majority of American voters have prepared for the Communists (D).
*Hillary 2020 and the Bronze Rat:
- Man buys a Bronze Rat from a curio shop for $10, passes on the 'story' offered for an extra $100.
- A few rats begin to follow man, then hundreds, then millions. Man panics and tosses Bronze Rat into the water. Rats all follow the Bronze Rat and perish
- Man goes back to curio shop where owner asks if man came back for the 'story' of the Bronze Rat? 
- Man says NO, came back for a Bronze Hillary (D), or at least a Bronze Democrat (C).

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