Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Helsinki - Priceless WINNING......................from Rico

Remember the full court press by the Democrats (C) and their fellow collaborators in the MSM, aided by the fake Friday Russian Indictment by the Deep State Rosenstein last Friday ALL for the purpose of trying to stop the Monday Helsinki Trump-Putin Summit?
- Now you know why.
Putin announces $400 million of illegally-obtained money in Russia was funneled to Hillary's campaign with the help of US Intelligence.
Trump reasonably 'asks' where is the DNC server?
- Plus mentions the Pakistani IT aide to the Democrats Imran Awan.
The usual suspects FBIased Comey, Director CYA Brennan, Hanoi John McCain, Schiff-ty and Schmuckie ALL erupt into apres Summit histrionics, calling for a coup and screaming TREASON!
- Wethinks thou dost protest too much!
And lurking in the shadows...for now...is the $150 million Uranium One scam.
- What else is there to discover as the rocks are turned-over? [For #neverTrumpers: IF Hillary had 'won' as expected, you would now know about NONE of this.]
- There already has been a coup, a coup by the Democrats (C) and the Deep State aka 'the Swamp.' Trump is taking it apart.
- Yeah, sure looks like there HAS been TREASON, and treason most foul...only by the very ones loudly pointing their fingers (while forgetting that the other fingers are pointing right back at them).
- And the REAL fireworks haven't yet begun.......if you think THIS is epic, just wait for what's coming! The proverbial jig is almost up, andd things are fixin' to get serious. [Tip: Caramel popcorn goes really well with Scotch. Stock up before the main event starts.]

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