Monday, 16 July 2018

More WINNING - Cutting the Fat....................from Rico

Pictured here are some ObamaCare "Navigators" who are supposed to help Obamacare enrollee's navigate the red-tape and BS of this government system.
- It looks like the only 'navigation' they know is to the head of the all-you-can-eat buffet line.
Think I'm being harsh?
- "Navigators" enrolled less than one percent [for graduates of government-run schools read: 1%] of ALL ObamaCare enrollees for 2018.
Adding insult to injury, not enough people voluntarily enrolled in ObamaCare in 2018's open enrollment period to justify the funding levels for "Navigators." [read: taxpayer money].
- Funding for 2019 has been cut to $10mn from 2018's $34mn. CMS (Medicare-medicaid) says the 'investment' [read: taxpayer money spent] hasn't been worth it.
Gee, 'ya think?
- Government has NO business in the health care business.

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