Sunday, 15 July 2018

Syria: Peace Threatens to Break Out...................from Rico

The Leftards who poo-poohed even the possibility of Trump accomplishing a rapprochement between the US and the Norks are really REALLY upset about this latest possibility: That Trump and Putin may end the Proxy War for Regime Change in Syria.
I'm watching the Trump-Putin meeting Monday in Helsinki in this context:
- Israel's PM Netanyahu just told Russia's President Putin during a summit that 'Israel has no problem with Assad staying.'
- Netanyahu then told reporters in Moscow "We haven't had a problem with the Assad Regime; for 40 years, not a bullet was fired on the Golan Heights."
Shit oh my dear!!!!!
The professional 40# brains, the rabid interventionists and 'professional' politicians are now shitting themselves as yet another of their BAD IDEAS is fading away.
- The usual suspects (NYT, WaPo, McCain, Susan Rice and the CFR-crowd) are screaming bloody murder at the prospect of a 'deal' between Trump and Putin that threatens their beloved Syrian Proxy War which was begun under Obama, who always managed to do the WRONG THING.
So.....if all the 'wrong' people are so against the idea of 'Peace Breaking Out' in Syria, then it must be (a) a GOOD IDEA, and (b) the RIGHT THING to do.
- My money is on Trump to try and do the right thing.

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