Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The US 'Monetary Base' and Canned Tunafish...

Courtesy of the 40# brains running the FED, we have a chart of the US Monetary Base [attached].
- Can anyone see a 'base' here? Anyone? Bueller?
This is an example of the type of policy that creates a Weimar or Argentine financial disaster.
- But add Socialism, and you get fiscal train-wrecks like Zimbabwe and Venezuela...which segues neatly to cans of tuna fish.
The Socialist Worker's Paradise of Venezuela has made everyone a millionaire, albeit a starving millionaire.
- The minimum monthly wage there is 5,196,000 Bolivares. [Worth remembering when the Democrats start saying the US minimum wage should be at least $15, if not even more, but like the good Socialists they are they fail to mention what their insane theories can do...like create an American version of Venezuela.]
But I digress. Now to TUNAFISH.
- One can of tunafish in Venezuela costs ~6,400,000 Bolivares [read: $1.87 USD]. Now look at the 'minimum wage' above once again.
But the 'good' news is this: Under Chavez-Maduro Socialism gas is effectively FREE. [read: Yay! Free shit!]
- One can of tunafish is worth 1,066,667 liters of gas (~250,000 gallons) in Venezuela. [Also worth thinking about when the Democrats propose more free shit.]
Now, Happy Socialist Workers, if only you could 'afford' that can of tunafish!

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