Saturday, 28 July 2018

The 'usual' from the CRIMEX..................from Rico

The 'usual suspects' have held their thumbs on the scales, spot prices on Gold and Silver on the COMEX, CRIMEX for quite a while now.
Manipulation and rigging the bullion markets seem to be the 'new' normal to casual observers, and is being taken for granted.
Here is an example of the "wash 'n rinse" operation conducted 27 Jul 2018.
- Both Gold and Silver were 'bombed' with sudden and concentrated massive amounts of paper contracts [read: naked shorts] being 'dumped' in the wee hours before normal trading commenced. This artificially suppresses the spot prices.
- Now consider who profits by this? By 'losing' money?
- What would the spot prices be, had they not been smashed before normal trading resumed?

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