Monday, 27 August 2018

Democrats Exit Stage Left..........from Rico

It has been a long, slow process...but a steady one...the fundamental transformation of the Democrat Party of Truman and JFK into a caricature of the Bolsheviks, but stupid never rests and they finally made it!

- Behold the modern Democratus Nincompoopus!


Perhaps the casual observer concluded the DNC's curtailing their ~700 automatic unpledged Special Delegates with new rules was a benign, or even a 'positive' development.

- Think again.


The Chair and Co-chair of the DNC, Perez and Ellison, are both radical leftists that Leon Trotsky would recognize and be proud to be with.

- With this change in the DNC's rules for their presidential nomination process the radical Left element of the DNC has (a) a better chance for more control of the candidate selected, and is (b) a big clue that the party as a whole has moved even further Left from where it already was.


Short version:

- The 'old guard' of the party establishment was just kicked in the nuts by the 'red guard' of the party; next will be the 'Trotsky icepick.'

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