Monday, 27 August 2018

Government Repairs Underway..........from Rico

ASK: Do you really think Trump is the kind of 'boss' that would 'hire' a guy and then allow him to loaf, goof-off, sand-bag, or be the least bit ineffective at his job? 


IGNORE: Completely ignore the very public words being 'said'...they are meant to distract, deflect, and disarm the Swamp things...and pay attention to what is being 'done' instead.


REMEMBER: It seems a long time ago now, but Sessions assigned the Utah Federal Prosecutor US Attorney Huber to work with the DOJ's Inspector General Horowitz.

- Horowitz has at least 450 investigators who can look into and document civil and criminal wrongdoing of government employee's, including former employee's who have left government service. The IG can reporttheir findings, but that's all.

- Huber can bring charges, seek indictments, and prosecute. He can en-panel a grand Jury anywhere in the US (I'm told a Grand Jury has already been put into place). He has been conducting a full criminal investigation since November 2017. His team includes Federal prosecutors from all 50 states.


CONSIDER: The brilliance, effectiveness, and completely out-of-the-box move of combining the investigative powers of the DOJ IG with the prosecutorial powers of a US Attorney (who is far outside the "swamp").

- The roughly 45,000 (at latest count) sealed indictments nation-wide are a direct, very fast (considering the magnitude of the corruption), and breathtakingly effective response to the President's direction.


COINCIDENCE? The abrupt terminations of senior DOJ and FBI figures and the resignations/retirements of some Senators and Congressmen so far is not a coincidence.

- Some rats are leaving a sinking ship, hoping to get clear before the proverbial hits the oscillating fan blades (they understand it won't be evenly distributed, but also realize it's going to hit the fan and they are trying to get clear before it does). 


COMPARE: Contrast all the above with the 'performance' of Mueller's team of a dozen-or-so partisan Democrats for the past year-and-a-half. No "Russian Collusion" found, and only a few unrelated tax-cases from years ago that could, and should, have been handled by the IRS...if at all.

- They have been flogging a dead donkey, and been ineffective in the extreme, despite what the MSM would have you beLIEve.

- There is no 'there' there, as Strzok so elegantly phrased it.


In Hillary's own words: "If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses."

- Have beau-coups popcorn ready!

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Anonymous said...

Just a heads up on the 'Sealed Indictments' issue.

I am not sure that the definition the FED DB uses is 'exactly' the same as what we think it means.

There are some reports coming out that say this 40,000+ number is not correctly defined as what we may think.

Worth looking into - to verify 'exact definition' of what each report from each state means.