Friday, 10 August 2018

Grunts are universal..............from Rico

Almost every military on the planet has guys like these. While usually privates, they can be non-com's and orifices too.

- In a word: dumbasses!


I last saw this being done in Iraq, but not by Iraqi's, and fortunately not with this result.

- Would you believe by some grunts from the 101st Airborne?


True story.

- We had just located and raided an insurgent weapons cache out in the countryside, and there were so many loose mortar rounds buried in one spot that the quickest way to get them out was to toss them one after the other into a big pile to be blown (didn't want to blow the AK's, machine guns, Rpg's, and ammo that was hidden with them, that stuff was confiscated).

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