Thursday, 30 August 2018

Hey Moe, Look at the Grouse..........from Rico


What makes "magic" or an "intelligence operation" or a "military operation" GOOD magic, et al?

- Misdirection, Maskirova, Deception...


Hey Moe, look at the grouse!



It's not as if we don't know we're dealing with liars and cheats who are also trained and skilled in the art of misdirection.

- When Comey-Strozk made the the obvious and clumsy 'change' in language from "grossly negligent" [criminal] to "extremely careless" [oh, how clumsy of silly me] it was perhaps both a subtly genius thing, and meant to be a 'firewall' for something more serious. It was likely meant, if/when discovered to serve as a distraction...a misdirection.

- While everyone is looking over there, they are not seeing something else right here.


Look over here.

The "hack" of HRC's server may not have been a hack, but an intentional, witting, willful, and voluntary "allowed" event, put plainly... "access was sold for ca$h."

- After all, it's not like Hillary didn't "sell" access as SecState [Uranium One], and wasn't also trading on the future prospect of becoming POTU$ as well. Nawww, not the venal money honey we all know and love!


What price Treason?

What would it have been 'worth' for China to "roll up" and destroy the US spy network in China?

- What was otherinformation 'worth' that was $old for Hillary's profit that we do not yet know about?

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