Wednesday, 29 August 2018

It's going according to plan...from Rico

In the wake of Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocarina-Cortex running for Congress as a 'poor working girl' from the Bronx (while actually raised in the richest county on the East Coast), we have another 'typical' Democratic Socialist candidate [read: liar] running for NY Senate...Julia Salazar.

- Julia's shtik is she's a Columbian immigrant (but was born in Miami), and she's Jewish (but her entire family thinks they are Catholic). She's perfect, I'd least for the Left.


Not that the reality-challenged/fact-challenged, delusional and/or seriously confused [accept 'liar' as part and parcel of being a Leftist] is confined to NY, or even the US...Londinium has them too.

- Take a gander at this 'winner' from the Green Party.


Now let's back-away from the trees in the forest, and look at the big picture as a whole...say from 30,000 feet.

- The association of Black Lives Matters, Pink Pussy hats, Communists, AntiFa and assorted leftards with Democratic Socialism is not by mere happenstance...I'd instead say it's part of the "plan" that has been followed faithfully by leftists throughout Western societies for over a century now, and like water cutting rock it's all going according to plan.

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