Thursday, 16 August 2018

NFL: You're Fired, now you're Free............from Rico

Remember last year when Colon Kaepernick first 'took a knee' in protest of, well...uh...oppression, um slavery?

- How many remember that he was also a convert to Islam and engaged to a Black Lives matter activist?


So now we have the 'brain trust' aka NFL players taking a 'knee' to protest their oppression and slavery.

- Deep thinkers, all.


I agree...they need to be set 'free' from their oppression and slavery, a slavery that does not have them picking cotton in the fields but has them being paid millions to play a game on the football field.

- Yes, set them free! Literally. When you're no longer getting paid, that's "free" right?


You're FIRED!

- Oh, and as long as you're already down there on your knee's...

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Anonymous said...

good thing he was raised in a white family or else he'd really be stupid.