Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The 'Show' goes on............from Rico

It certainly has been entertaining watching the "progressive" Left aka Democrats (C) clown show since Trump won what they thought was a "sure thing" for Hillary [after all: six-consecutive coin tosses in Iowa, their primary 'rigged' against Bernie and for Hillary, Brazile...former DNC chair/CNN employee... giving Hillary the debate questions, and massive voter fraud including the usual dead plus millions of illegals, plus whacking Seth Rich of the DNC understandably contrive to make them cocky].

- Had she been 'elected' the masks would have remained in place, more shit shoveled under the rug, and....well, not exactly the same-old same-old America had rammed up its ass under Barry, but worse. No foreplay, and no vaseline.


What we have instead is the spectacle of one Leftard "exploding cigar" after another, and it appears our intellectual betters cannot learn from past mistakes (well, now they are embracing Socialism* which is the longest-running mistake in modern history if you exclude Islam) and we will be treated to a few more between now and the 2018 mid-term elections. Think:

- Russiagate/Mueller.

- Cnn/Acosta.

- Porny Daniels.

- Occasionally able to form words-Cortex.

- Jeong/NYT.


*Notably absent from the Democrats love-embrace of Socialism is any discussion of Venezuela's current experience with it. Take a look at this side-by-side photo comparison of Venezuela before Socialismand after Socialism[attached]. This is what the Donk's want for you, and are hoping you'll vote for.

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