Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Well and Truly Strzok'ed............from Rico

Gee, is the only consequence for election tampering and sedition/treason against the US and the Presidency firing?

- It should be firing squad, instead of waiting to see whether he goes to CNN or MSNBC.


I wonder if he gets to keep his security clearance like those other traitors Brennan and Clapper?

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Ken Mitchell said...

NOBODY should EVER keep a security clearance after leaving the job for which it was granted. My clearances were suspended whenever I got transferred, and had to be renewed at each new duty station. (Having an SBI on file made that easy enough...) And when I retired, all of my clearances were terminated.

I could have gotten them renewed, if I had taken a job where they were needed. But everything is always "Need To Know".