Saturday, 8 September 2018

I'm actually taking this as credible and serious..........from Rico

Take "Q" seriously, or do not...but he has been 'right on the money' with everything he has said to date.

- I'd let him pick my lotto numbers based on his track record.


He's not kidding-around, and is not into phony 'hype' or empty promises...when he says something, it's exactly the opposite of Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone's safe.

- And it happens.


The attached seems to be a 'heads up' that is intended out of genuine concern that many people's paradigms and normalcy bias are going to be rocked.

- The proverbial is going to hit the oscillating blades soon.


I dunno what it is, possibly FISA abuse.

- Whatever it is, pieces have been moving and been removed, like in a game of Jenga...the tower seems fine until that last piece is pulled and the stack crashes.

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