Friday 21 September 2018

I'm 'going there' but nicely..........from Rico

Let's see if I have this straight.

- Last week a deadline of 10:00 am Eastern today (Friday) was set for a positive response of appearance for Kavanaugh's accuser at a Congressional hearing next Monday.

- It's after 11:00 am Eastern and it has not happened.


Kavanaugh has responded formally, in written form.

- He will be there.



- Nobody but Diane Feinswein has yet 'seen' the alleged letter of accusation from many months ago, though requested it has not been produced.

- Donaldus Maximus hit the nail on the head with his suggesting the local police report of this alleged incident be looked at, because surely the 'victim' and her loving parents would have made one (had such an event taken place).




I am one of many who is not holding their breath for 'her' to show up, ever. And, like many, I am tired of holding my nose because of the stench of these partisan, political, under-handed character assassination the Hell with it, I'm "going there."

1. THIS is just a "taste" of what can be expected from the Democrats if they are ever allowed to control anything ever again.

2. The apocryphal 'nickname' making the rounds for the accuser is "hole-in-one" and she certainly has all the earmarks of a front hole, but her Democrat 'sponsors' enablers and promoters are clearly back holes.


And I am being nice about all this.

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