Friday, 28 September 2018

NO, it's NOT just 'politics'...........from Rico

NO, it's NOT just 'politics''s ideology.

- The party of crapweasels has made it crystal clear.


And when that ideology ends with an 'ism' [read: Communism, Socialism] everyone and everything is expendable and acceptable collateral damage.

- The end justifies the means for them because in their mins their goal is so glorious and noble that nothing is too ignoble or craven to achieve it.


America, you just saw Democrat (C) 'ideology' try to turn the Senate into a 'killing field' for 'We the People'...

- Vote accordingly in a few weeks. 


Jess said...

After Benghazi, it was glaringly apparent the Democratic Party had no concern for human life, integrity, or the most basic of human rights. They are akin to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, and all of the other Socialists that murdered millions to obtain and keep power.

This hearing was just a small taste of the brutality of those claiming to be Democrats. They're the most evil of reprobates, and increasingly more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The Demon-RATs are officially the party of "the ENDS always justify the MEANS"!!!!!!

Lie, cheat, steal, even kill!!!!!!! Whatever it takes to get and keep power!!!!!!

THAT is their true ideology!!!!!! And, yes, it is as EVIL as it appears!!!!!

HMS Defiant said...

Remember who we're dealing with. These are people that have no qualms about cutting up children and tossing them in the trash.