Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Dem's are like a kicked-turd on a hot day...........from Rico

Does anyone still 'remember' Porny Daniels?

- She was just one in a series of dozens of failed manufactured attempts by the Democrats to 'do over' the 2016 election results.


Few are aware she 'worked' with the DNC and Hillary way back in 2016.

- Guess who was the go-between for Porny and the Dem's at the time? Yeah, before he (a) became Porny's attorney, and (b) a joke potential Dem candidate for 2020, One ambulance-chaser named Avenatti.


Some 'coincidence' yeah?

- Now reconsider all the pure, unadulterated, yet fresh steaming bullshit the public was fed not many months ago by the MSM in 2018.


The Democrats play the voters for suckers, and have for a long time now.

- Consider Hillary's own words about voters, particularly Democrat voters.


I wonder IF the voters, both Deplorables and Democrats alike, have tired enough of being treated like mushrooms and fed shit to vote accordingly in the 2018 mid-terms?

- This does not look like it will be the traditional mid-term results-wise, the the herpes-like reappearance of the "Blue Wave" is merely more 'wishful thinking' and BS from the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

This "" thingy does not appear to be true
~~ Clayton in Mississippi

Anonymous said...

This "" thingy does not appear to be real
~~ Clayton in Mississippi