Tuesday, 18 September 2018

We have met the enemy, and he is POGO.............from Rico

Every sentient life form is aware of the famous POGO cartoon character quote "We have met the enemy..."

- however people are slowly becoming aware of the trash-filled swamp that badly needs draining to save the Republic.


Consider this: The attorney (Debra Katz) who is representing the Leftist-activist California 'Professor' accuser of Kavanaugh, just 'happens' to be...Vice-Chair of the board of Soros-funded POGO (Project on Government Oversight).


Well, I am shocked! Shocked I tell you to discover that...once again...that rotten Hungarian Soros i$ behind the political 'hit' on SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh.

- Hungary kicked Soros out of Hungary, and it's overdue that the US kick Soros out too.


Myself, I would have had him arrested and deported for funding the destruction of Ferguson to the tune of $33 million, but attempting to fuck with the Supreme Court is worse.

- We have met the enemy, and it's not so much POGO as it is SOROS.

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