Sunday, 21 October 2018

A Real Halloween 2018 Scare..........from Rico

It was only a movie.

I remember watching the movie "Halloween" in the theaters when it first came out. For the time, it was a SCARY movie writ large.

- It was so scary many in the audience had to leave before the film's conclusion, including my date. They just walked away.


Democrats in 2018 are reality.

If you have been watching the Democrats at this time, they really are SCARY writ large.

- They are so scary that many have left the party and just walked away.


Banksy is a GENIUS.

Street artist Banksy has captured the zeitgeist of the Democrats and the 2018 mid-term elections perfectly with his "Mad Maxine Halloween" billboard. Talk about SCARY writ large!

- It's scary when you consider Mad Maxine running important committees in Congress as 'chair' under Nasty Pelosi's Speakership. But it becomes scarier when you realize that there's no where left to walk away to should the Donk's ever gain power again...


Billll said...

I believe that is a Sabo job. Banksy is more of a "Art" type artist.

Anonymous said...

Not Banksy...Sabo

Bill Slim said...

I believe this was the work of Sabo, who lives in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

It's a Sabo poster. Banksy is very poitically neutral.

thebronze said...

Banksy? Da Fuq?

That wasn't Banksy, it was fucking SABO!!!