Wednesday, 24 October 2018

A Yuge Thank You [er, spaciba] to Soro$ and the Dem's (C)..........from Rico

The latest Wile E. Coyote stunt by the Democrats, funded by First Comrade Soro$ as usual, is the staged and fake 'caravan' of 'immigrants' (uniquely 80% male, younger than 35, btw) will no work any better than the staged Kavanaugh smear.

- It is a wonderful "October surprise" that will greatly benefit the Red Wave, and has helped flush the Blue Wave down the crapper.


It would take three months for anyone to walk from Guatemala or Honduras across Mexico.

- Now consider this tweet from James Woods.


Look at the white truck in the attached picture.

- All means of transport are carefully NOT included in the staged photo-ops. Not the 'director's hands in the lower frame of the attached plus the 'stage hands' in safety vests organizing the crowd [also attached].


Very well thought-out by these "we're so smart" progressive assholes I'd say...considering that open borders/illegal immigration was one of (if not THE) major reasons Trump wiped the floor with Hillary in 2016. 

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Mark Matis said...

Would it be too much to note the logo at rear of the right hand door on that truck in the first photo?