Monday, 8 October 2018

Hungary "gets it"............from Rico

While EUrope, under the sway of Globalist policies, careens its way blindly to becoming EUrabia, how ironic that a country long-considered part of Eastern Europe not only has this "culturally enriching diversity scam" figured-out, but is showing Western Europe the direction they should be going if they want to survive.

- Sadly, you can lead sheep to water, but you cannot make them drink...or save them from slaughter.


Hungary built a border barrier, defends their border...and enforces their immigration laws.

- They have told the muscle-heads in Brussels to pound sand. 

- Hungary has kicked-out George "that rotten Hungarian and Nazi collaborator" Soros, who tellingly moved his destructive operations to Berlin where Angela "former Communist Youth leader of the DDR" Merkel is happy to have him. [It's no coincidence that some are saying Germans will be a minority in their own country in a couple generations.]


America is behind the Islamization of the West 'curve' EUrope is already on, but it's not too late at this point to turn things around. But first, they need to "get it" like Hungary does.

- Banning Soros and seizing his a$$ets for seditious anti-American activity would be a good start.

- It should be followed by building a border wall, defending the border...and enforcing immigration laws.

- Both Trump and Bolton have already told the Useless Nitwits (UN) to pound sand, so they obviously "get it."

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Mark Matis said...

Why has Soros not been charged under RICO???

HE is what the law was specifically passed to protect against.