Thursday, 25 October 2018

It's a Convoy, not a Caravan..........from Rico

The orchestrated, faux, migrant army set to invade America and challenge its sovereignty is NOT nobly marching on foot, and struggling, to reach its goal.

- It IS a CONVOY. A mighty, mighty, well-funded convoy. It is arranged, organized, staged, and FAKE as a three dollar bill...or a Democrat who professes to 'love' America and want what is best for it.


Why has no one heard how unskilled third-worlder's, many from the Middle East, others criminals and/or terrorists, all of them bearing marginal skills will culturally enrich-diversify-improve America?

- Because they won't do so, and that's not their purpose.


Their mission is Obama's, and the Left's, to take-down and degrade America for imagined past sins against Socialism.

- The goal is Socialism's goal, equal misery for all (except those in charge).


It was a YUGE mistake (thanks Dem's) to stop using napalm as part of the military arsenal.

- Some good 'ole "snake and nape" would stop this silly-ass shit right smartly...


Mark Matis said...

So would an AC-130 gunship. Or cluster munitions.

Or arresting Soros and his ilk under RICO. But neither the FBI nor the DoJ have any intention of doing that.

And ain't it special how the House is going to have Trey Full o' Lies Gowdy interview Rosenstein?

Sabre22 said...

Take out their transport from the air Apaches or A-10s. Intercept them 100-200 miles south of the border F*** Mexico they had their chance and blew it. Deploy 25,000-50,000 Troops Line troops Not admin clerks and medical staff. turn them around and Make sure they do not try again. They do lethal force is authorized.