Monday, 1 October 2018

Kavanaugh Kabal: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.............from Rico

Let's see, hot on the heels of Sen Flake being a flake re: the Kavanaugh Klown Kabal, what has happened?


- Kavanaugh Accuser#4 has been referred to the FBI for felony criminal prosecustion [read: lying to the Senate].

- Kavanaugh Accuser#1's D.. Attorneys will face a DC BAR investigation.

- Kavanaugh Konspirator Sen ChiFi is to be investigated for her 'leak' of a conficential letter from Accuser#1.


Next up?

- Maxine Waters staff for DOXXING GOP members of the Judiciary during the Judiciary hearings.


Not to be forgotten:

- Kavanaugh Accuser#3 [gang-rape girl] AND her self-declared candidate for president 2020 hisself, scumbag porn lawyer Avenatti.


And these won't be the last.

- Sing along to Bachman Turner Overdrive with me:


"You ain't seen nothing's something that you're never gonna forget..."

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