Thursday, 25 October 2018

Look at Europe - The Road to Hell Is Littered with Migrant Caravans............from D.Thomas

The idea that thousands of third world peasants from various Central American countries spontaneously decided to walk some 1,500 miles crossing the entire length of Mexico to enter the United States is beyond risible.

Enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic, have spent months organizing this sham and are busy micro-managing this assault on America’s borders as a continuation of the long planned fundamental transformation of America.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the stated aim of the ruling elite at home in America and abroad at the United Nations is to create a centrally controlled, borderless, egalitarian world which is an impossibility while the traditional United States exists in its present form.

The prosperity of the United States is due to its system of individual liberty inside a capitalist economic system underpinned by constitutionally limited government. This is in stark contrast to the poverty and misery of the surrounding nations and other nations around the world that suffer under socialist/communist systems of government.

A prosperous United States will always show up the failings of the world the global elite are trying to create and subsequently will always be a beacon of freedom to the poor and oppressed and the destination of choice for those trying to escape for a better life.

One does not see desperately poor people risking everything, including their lives, to leave the United States in search of prosperity in any of the surrounding socialist/communist countries or similarly governed countries around the world.

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