Tuesday 30 October 2018

Vote Communist [Democrat] for 2018?.........from Rico

Do you see the 'pattern' yet?

1. From 30,000 feet:

- Virtually ALL elected Democrats and Democrat candidates for office are lying, Communist, assholes.

2: At ground level:

- Bredeson in TN, McCaskill in MO, Heitkamp in ND all are exposed as 'talking the moderate Dem talk, but walking the progressive Communist walk.'


Next: Project Veritas [James O'Keefe] has just exposed Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona as yet another "progressive" [read: Communist] in Democrat clothing.

- She's the fourth one exposed thus far running for Senate, further exposing the Left's 'plan' to pack it with "progressive votes" because (a) progressive=good, and (b) Trump=bad. [read: What progressives really hate is America.]


Afraid to campaign on what they really believe because they know they can't be elected if voters know they are Socialist-Communist assholes, they LIE and pretend to be moderate 'bi-partisan, common-sense' Democrat candidates...but their inherent assholeness shines right through.

- Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

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