Monday 26 November 2018

Christmas Tree Plan B?.................from Rico

Democrats beLIEve in all kinds of shit that isn't real, like Socialism and Unicorns, while here on planet reality we recognize that Democrats shitting upon everyone else is the only real thing about them.
- Short version: A Democrat Christmas as here depicted has been rejected by yours truly. Not an option, and never will be an option. Nope, no 'squatty potty' under the tree for me.
My usual Plan A for Christmas involves a retro table-top tree with bubble lights. When my parents were young and broke, that was all the tree they could manage at Christmas in the nifty '50's...and us kids thought it was the very best tree they ever had.
- The bubble lights sealed the deal for us back then, and still does for me.
That said, I'm feeling less-nostalgic this year and am seriously considering Plan B.
- A pine tree car air freshener is still 'retro' which suits me, but it will 'decorate' the place quickly/easily and also make the place smell like a pine tree, so it has that going for it in addition to being minimalist. 
Spoiled for choice.....

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