Tuesday 27 November 2018

Democracy Is Just A Word From A Bygone Age......................from Dan T

Watching the Mother of Parliaments led by Prime Minister Theresa May ignore the biggest ever mandate given to it by the British people to take their ancient nation out of the autocratic European Union (EU) should serve as warning to all free people around the world; government with the consent of the governed is fragile and can be abolished at any time.

It is also a warning that no matter how powerful a nation may be, it is the enemy inside the gates that slowly eats away at the values and moral fiber that holds it together that results in its ultimate demise.

Both Houses of Parliament have reneged on their manifesto commitment to implement the result of the Brexit referendum and their pledge not to hold a second referendum to overturn the first.

Theresa May is only the latest in a long line of Prime Ministers that have accepted globalism and committed themselves to replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single state as part of the wider project for a single global government in a borderless world.

Without the membership of Great Britain, the long planned United States of Europe would be a bankrupt, German controlled petty dictatorship comparable with the old Yugoslavia not the powerful and influential superstate the founders envisaged.

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