Sunday 25 November 2018

Lock HER up...................from Rico

Some TV teleprompter, 'news' reciter drew serious flak recently for opining that Hillary was like herpes because she just won't go away.
I cannot say I disagree with that comparison, but it also prompted me to ask whether Her Marxist Filthiness was more like a raging case of herpes or a painful hemorrhoid?
While both certainly apply in HER case, debating one or the other misses the larger point.
- She's GUILTY of more evil shit than anyone will ever know, and her venal, mendacious, Marxist ass needs to be put behind bars.
Why is she not already playing drop the soap in prison?
- She's a Democrat, and neither laws nor rules seem to apply or be enforced for them.
Lock HER up!


Anonymous said...

If she isn't convicted by next election, I'm voting for her. Let's get this shit over.

Anonymous said...

Treat her like a STD and inject her with something that will make her go away permanently....