Thursday 29 November 2018

The Democrat 'majority' in Congress 2019...................from Rico

The 2018 Congressional mid-terms was evocative of the East-coast Democrats telling the Left-coast Democrats "here, hold my beer."
- Being pragmatic more than unkind here, watching Democrats in politics is much like watching a spastic try and eat and ice cream cone. A mess.
There are far too many who 'think' (I use that term loosely) that the new Democrat majority in the House is somehow positive...even a good thing in some vague way.
- In all fairness, if you believed in CHANGE without asking what or why or into what you're probably one of those.
Everyone else should consider that Rep Alexandria Occasional-Cortex (D-NY) is joining the likes of Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA) who, in his own words:
"My fear is that the whole island [Guam]...will tip over and capsize."
Watching these intellectual stumble-bums trying to put the impeachment cart before the unicorn will be painful indeed to watch.

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