Friday 7 December 2018

A Culture Lower than Amphibian Shit................from Rico

NO, it is NOT 'fundamental transformation' as the Leftists try to mis-label is societal 'deterioration' and cultural 'degradation.'
The GREATEST GENERATION needs neither an explanation nor an apology, especially in comparison to the following generations.
For a long time I mistakenly considered the Boomer Generation of aging hippies and wannabe Commies like the radical chic' Pelosi and Hillary, et al. to be the SHITTIEST GENERATION...but I was so very wrong, and failed to appreciate the depths of ignorance people were able, eager, and willing to plumb. They are now the 'formerly known as the shittiest generation' and have been replaced.
We are now witness to an even SHITTIER GENERATION
...pansies, progressives, pussyhats, socialists, snowflakes, soyboyz, trannies, and NFL kneelers.
Darwin has failed us, but the fluoridated water and TV seem to be doing their job.....

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