Saturday 1 December 2018

Breaking News: Voter Fraud 'Legal' in Commiefornia....................from Rico

Allow me one moment to put on my "surprised" face.
- Who 'knew' besides the Democrats...surely not the GOP, or most voters.
They call it "ballot harvesting" [read: voter fraud*] which is illegal everywhere BUT California (and certain 3-rd world shit hole dictatorships).
- What is it? Allowing third-parties...even paid political submit mail-in ballots on behalf of others. [think: nursing home residents, non-existent people on the voter rolls, etc.]
- It is illegal as all Hell, but the Dem's calling it 'legal' not only makes it OK in their minds, they're proud of it...whatever it takes to "win" [think: cheat, lie, steal, commit fraud] even if it guts election laws, elections, and the Republic.
And the crooked Dem's call it 'legal' since Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown (D) signed the practice into law in 2016 while nobody was paying attention.
- This is why...and how...all those Congressional seats in Orange County that were Red election night turned Blue 3-4 weeks later when the 250,000 mail-in votes were counted.
- This is why...and how...Democrat 'operatives' stole control of the House in the 2018 mid-terms, and turned Commiefornia into a one-party ruled Communist Dictatorship., excuse me Comrades...Uncle Joe would be so very proud of his children who in 2018 California (C) not only count the votes, but cast them for the voters too!

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a501man said...

If this is legal, why weren't the Republicans doing it as well?