Thursday 20 December 2018

Brexit Betrayal - A Once Great Nation Destroyed by The Ruling Elite..............from Dan T

Conservative Members of Parliament are threatening to resign and bring down their own government if taking Great Britain out of the European Union under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules becomes an option. This speaks volumes about the integrity of the ruling political elite and their fanatical dedication to the EU nation building project.

Led by Anna Soubry, an ill-tempered, intolerant elitist, this cabal of dedicated Europhiles were elected on a promise to implement the result of the Brexit referendum. They were also Members of the Parliament that authorized the triggering of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which officially started the two-year leaving process.

Since the referendum result, they have insulted and smeared their colleagues, and the constituents that voted them into office, and done everything in their power to block Great Britain’s exit at every turn.

If they carry out their threat, they are fully aware that this will destroy the Conservative Party and hand political power to the communist led Labour Party. Most experts agree that their policies will crash the economy, but they too want to ignore the Brexit referendum and keep the British people locked inside the corrupt and failing EU.

To Soubry and the Europhiles this disaster is obviously a price worth paying to keep their nation building project alive.

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Kye said...

The same self-hate which now destroys Britain also destroys America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is something in the Caucasian/Anglo DNA which seems to be making it self destruct after all these successful centuries. Somehow the very people who built the modern civilized world, medicine, Art, technology, and raised the wealth and health of all even the Common Man and the poor seem to have come to believe everyone else is their equal when history and reality say different. We have reached the point where being white must be sacrificed for "world equality" and Democracy is committing suicide.

Daniel Thomas said...

Well said John C. I agree with every word you've written.