Friday 7 December 2018

Days of Infamy: Then and Now...............from Rico

It's the 7th of December today.
- Then. It was called a "Day of Infamy" and afterwards a monument was erected over the USS Arizona in remembrance.
Just the other day, presumptive Speaker Nazi Pelosi reiterated the Democratic Party's position on a Border Wall by saying NO MONEY for it. Ever. Their collective priority is NOT defending America. 
- Now. I call their position a 'new' Day of Infamy.
While the many Kate Steinle's could not be reached for comment, somewhere I hear the chorus of the dead who were killed by illegals singing along with the Seabees:
"And we promise that we remember
The Seventh of December"

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There are times when I wish such pols' entire genetic lines get the Kate Steinle treatment from a multiple-time deported illegal.